About Credit Card Transaction Fees

We do not charge our customers credit card transaction fees.

Reviewing your orders

Please refer to the order verification email sent to your registered email address when your order is complete.

Your order history can be viewed in ""Past Orders"" in My Account.

About Cancellation

Cancellation is available if your order is not yet shipped.

To cancel your order

  • 1)Log in and click My Account.
  • 2)Go to "Past Orders" and click cancel on the order you would like to cancel.
  • 3)Confirm the order cancellation and click order to cancel.

A confirmation message will be sent to your registered e-mail address when you have submitted the cancellation.


Types of Wrapping

Package materials for wrapping can be chosen from 2 types.

  • 1)Gauze wrapping (Free of charge)
  • 2)Original Wrapping Paper of Gift Box (JPY 324)

Wrapping more than one items together

We can wrap more than one items together,

regardless free wrapping or charged wrapping.

We will contact you when there are too many items to wrap together.

Membership Registration

Shopping will be available on the OKURA ONLINE SHOP web site if you register as member (FREE).

Click ""Register"" below to register as member.

Please follow the instructions on the screen to register.

It will be quite simple and only take a minute.

A message of confirmation will be sent to your registered email address when the registration is complete.

Changing Your Member Information

To bring you updated information of OKURA ONLINE SHOP with out any faults, we ask our members to update their member information when there are changes in items such as Name, Address, Telephone Number and email address.

How to change your member information

  • 1)Log in and click "My Account".
  • 2)Click "Edit Member Information".
  • 3)Change the information and click "confirm".
  • 4)Confirm the changes and click "submit".

A message cofirming the changes will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

Forgotten Password

Please follow the below procedure to obtain new password.

  • 1)Please click"Forgot your password?"in the login screen.
  • 2)Enter your mail address and click "Next".
  • 3)Enter your answer to the security question.
  • 4)A tentative password will be issued. Login with the tentative password.
  • 5)Go to "Edit Member Information" inside "My Account" and change the password.
Withdrawal From Membership

Your member information will be deleted and you will be unable to login after withdrawl of membership.

  • 1)Log in and click"My Account".
  • 2)Go to "Close Account" and follow the instructions.
  • 3)Withdrawl will be complete.
Newsletter Service

We announce to you important news via e-mail newsletters.

To update you on important news without faults, please change your member information when there are changes.

  • 1)Login and click "My Account".
  • 2)Go to"Edit Member Information"and follow the instructions.
  • 3)Change the information and click "Confirm".
  • 4)Confirm the changes and click "Register". An email of confirmation will be sent to your email address.
Subscribe to E-mail Newsletter

You can access to our updated and useful information of OKURA ONLINE SHOP by subscribing to our e-mail newsletter. Not only will it provide you information about new arrivals, it will help you learn more about this unique brand from Japan.

Please register for OKURA ONLINE SHOP Membership or、subscribe to Newsletter.

To Cancel Subscription

If you are a OKURA ONLINE SHOP member, Go to ""Edit Member Information"" in ""My Account"",check ""Unsubscribe to Newsletter"" in the e-mail newsletter item and click ""Confirm"". Confirm the change and click ""Register"".

If you are a Newsletter Subscriber, follow the instructions from ""Cancel Newsletter"" to unsubscribe.

To Spam E-mail Filter Users

Mailers and web-based e-mail services have "spam e-mail filters" which will dispose spam e-mails automatically.

According to your set up of your spam e-mail filters, our e-mail newsletters and e-mails confirming your purchase may not arrive properly.

If e-mails from us arrive in your spam mail folder, please reset your setting to receive messages from us properly.

What's "My Account"?

"My Account" is available for registered members.

You can have access to many useful functions, such as "Wishlists", and changing personal informations.

"My Account" will be immediately available after signing up for membership.

Wish List

"You can go through your favorite items and items that you are interested in at once by putting them in your ""Wish List"".

How to Receive Restocking Notice

You can request restocking of sold out products and receive notice of restocking.

Click "Receive Restocking Notice" and enter your email address.

An email will be sent to you, when the item of your request is restocked,

Please note that it is not a reservation service. Other customers may make purchases too. We advise our customers to make purchases swiftly after receiving notices of restocking.

Size Guide

The size measurements on OKURA ONLINE SHOP are based on actual sizes.

Pants and Jeans fit differently by styles. We advise you to Compare the measurements of waist and hips with the ones you usually wear.

We recommend you to choose sizes based on waist size for Mens, and hips for Womens.

Please note that measurements may slightly vary for dyed, bleached and washed products.

Genuine stones are used in our jewelries. Color, pattern, size will vary.

Prohibited Matter

Using this website for commercial purposes.

Use of information and images from this website outside of personal use.

Registering false or misleading information on this website.