OKURA ONLINE SHOP is an official international online shopping website by Seilin & Co from Japan. We are here to introduce you to our very own world of fashion from Japan.

About Seilin & CO.

Seilin & Co owns and runs fashion stores and bakery cafes through out Japan, ever since the company was founded in 1975.

We originally started from back then, the first ever vintage fashion store in Japan, Hollywood Ranch Market. Gradually, we opened new stores one by one and started to make clothes of our original brands such as Blue Blue and Blue Blue Japan.

  • 1972

    Hollywood Ranch Market opened in Tokyo

  • 1975

    Seilin & Co. founded

  • 1982

    High! Standard opened in Tokyo

  • 1984

    Homes' Underwear opened in Tokyo

  • 1985

    Toll Free opened in Tokyo

  • 1993

    Okura and Bombay Bazarr(restaurant) opened in Tokyo

  • 1994

    Blue Blue Kobe opened in Kobe

  • 1996

    Blue Blue Yokohama opened in Yokohama

  • 2001

    Blue Blue Hakata opened in Fukuoka

  • 2008

    Blue Blue Kokura opened in Kokura,Lotus Daikanyama (bakery) opened in Tokyo

  • 2010

    Blue Blue opened in Tokyo
    Yokohama Lotus (bakery) opened in Yokohama
    Nakameguro Lotus (baker) opened in Tokyo

  • 2011

    Blue Blue Nagoya opened in Nagoya

Today, we continue to pursue our very own kind of shops and brands.


Okura, BLUE BLUE JAPAN'S flagship store opened in the year 1993, in Daikanyama Tokyo. "Okura" means "store house". We pictured a traditional Japanese store house full of antiques and treasures in our minds when building this shop.

We started off with spending every weekends on beaches picking up sea shells, drift woods and empty bottles to fill our Okura with.

After doing a year of that, Okura was filled with Nature-made treasures, that are as beautiful as jewels.

We spent another year decorating the shop with those treasures we picked up on the beaches.

The shop is filled with items of natural materials and natural dyes that are related with traditional Japanese aesthetics and the beautiful four seasons of Japan.

Today, you can still see the candle we have been repeating lighting and adding wax to every single day since we opened the shop.